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14th Sept 2023
Fallon is a stunning gray & white male kitten being fostered in Tipton, West Mids. We have estimated that he was born around the 27th of April, making him around 4 ½   months at the time of writing this.
His story began on the15th July this year and has been documented in great detail on our Facebook page.
In a nutshell he was thrown into an industrial bin to die and he was a very poorly baby when he was brought to us as an emergency. He was badly bruised, mal-nourished and dehydrated with nasty ulcers in both eyes.
Once he began to make a recovery it was discovered that he has a condition called agenesis, where his eye lids are not properly formed, his eyes are also quite deep set. The result is that the hair around his eyes is constantly rubbing the eyeballs causing them to ulcerate. He will be going to an eye specialist in Leominster for corrective surgery, once he gets a little bit bigger, which we will pay for. For the time being he is having lubricant applied several times a day to keep his eyes comfortable. He does have limited vision but seems to be coping very well despite the scar tissue which blurs his sight. 
We have not been able to neuter Fallon yet as neither of his testes have descended, again this may need to be a bigger surgery when he’s a little bit older, which we will also pay for.

It has taken this little boy a long time to learn to trust me, even now he can be suspicious of my motives when I approach him; there are times when he will panic, especially if he has found himself in an unfamiliar part of the house. Having said this he is also a very loving baby who can get a bit excitable at snuggle time. In short, Fallon is not for the novice, he needs an experienced owner who knows how to handle his special needs.
He will need to be an indoor cat or have safe access to a catio, which he has here, and which he loves.
If the right home comes along, we will be happy to re-home him before his surgical procedures, however, it may be that he stays here until he’s much older and has been given the all clear from our specialist vets, and that’s fine too.
If you would like to know more about Fallon and be considered as his new family please call for a chat 

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