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Every year thousands of pets are re-homed, given away or abandoned because a family member develops an allergic reaction.

Sometimes despite careful screening we will have phone calls from new adopters telling us there is a problem with allergies.
But don’t despair, there is a solution.

It is now known that many people are allergic to a specific protein present in an animal’s saliva.
When the animal grooms itself, the saliva is deposited in the fur which in turn is deposited around the house.
Products such as PETAL CLEANSE are wiped over the animal on a regular basis & this then neutralises the protein that causes all the trouble. There are now products that can also be used around the house to help bring relief all the more quickly to the allergy sufferer.

Whilst common sense must be used, it must also be said here that many allergy sufferers build up a tolerance to an animal over a relatively short period of time.
If they can “tough it out” for a while symptoms should lesson of their own accord;
but please do not take unnecessary risks where the breathing of a sufferer is compromised.

Some owners report a reoccurrence of symptoms after they have spent time away from home & the pet i.e. after a holiday.

If you are taking on a pet for the first time & are unsure as to whether a family member may be at risk then it would be a sensible precaution to have one of these products to hand & use it for the first few weeks.

Please let us know how you get on if you use any of these products & we will happily post your feedback here.

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