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In order for MART to continue its work we do ask for a minimum adoption fee of £60/cat or kitten & £350/ dog or puppy (unless stated otherwise)

We vaccinate & neuter all cats & dogs that are old enough, we also microchip wherever it is practical to do so.

We routinely de-flea & worm all our rescues.

The combined cost of vaccinations, neutering, micro chipping, plus flea & worm preparations varies from vet to vet, but we estimate that the cost is between £70 & £135 per cat/kitten & considerably more for a dog/puppy.
In many cases, rescues come to us needing expensive veterinary treatment & some stay with us for extended lengths of time.
Add to this the additional cost of food, litter & heating & I'm sure most people would agree that our adoption fees are very reasonable indeed.

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