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*If you see a cat or dog that you are interested in, please call the contact number listed for that animal, please remember that all our fosterers & helpers are volunteers & give their time freely to the Charity, please do not call at unsociable times of the day/night as many may have jobs in addition to the voluntary work they do.

*We will take you through a series of questions, & if we think you may be suitable you will be asked to come & visit the cat or dog you are interested in, at its foster home. We do ask that the whole family attend so that we can see if you will all be a good fit.

*After this we will arrange for a home check to be done within the next few days. If all goes well & your chosen cat or dog is ready for adoption, you will be able to collect at a mutually agreeable time.

*We estimate the whole process should take just a few days. Once you agree to take a cat or dog from us, you will be expected to collect within the week unless the rescue you have chosen is still not ready for adoption.

*You will need a sturdy cat carrier to transport your cat home, it needs to big enough for a grown cat/cats to stand & turn around in. Cardboard carriers are not suitable. Dogs also need to be transported safely.

*At the time of adoption you will be required to complete MART paperwork & pay your adoption fee along with any additional donation should you choose to do so. The paper work includes a contract, a copy of which you can see below.

*If you are a tax payer you will be asked to complete a gift aid form.

*If you adopt a kitten or puppy that is less than 5 months old, & has not been neutered, you will be given a form that must be signed by your vet when the kitten or puppy has been neutered, the form must then be returned to us. Please note, under these circumstances the charity does not foot the bill for said neutering.

*If the charity feels it is appropriate, we reserve the right to rearrange the order of these adoption procedures, dependant on circumstances.

On the day you receive your new family member you will be asked to sign a binding contract, which will be retained by the rescue. What follows is a summary of that contract.
 Please remember that you have signed it as an act of good faith and it is designed to protect all of the cats and dogs that come into our care, long after they have moved on.

•    In the case of a kitten/puppy, we will take it to the vet for neutering before the age of 6 months and in the case of kitten we will not allow it to go outside before this has been done.

•    We will take our cat/dog back to the vets each year for its booster injection and health check.

•    We will take our cat/dog to the vet in the event of illness, injury, or suspected illness, injury.

•    We will provide a good level of care and affection for the remainder of our pet’s life.

•    We will not re-home our cat/dog without informing Midlands Animal Rescue Team, and gaining their approval.

•    We will keep our cat in for a period of two months, before allowing access to the outside.
•    We will not allow access to the outside, as agreed.
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