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22ND Sept 2023
Tina is a sweet, short-haired tortoiseshell, spayed female cat being fostered near Sedgley, West Midlands. We believe she is around 10 years old.
She came into care a while ago under sad circumstances, along with another cat we believe to have been her brother. Tragically, although our vets tried hard to help him, he died peacefully in his sleep just a short time ago, most likely from bowel cancer.
Tina has had quite a sheltered life and has never really met many people except for her elderly owner. Now that her world has been torn apart, she has become a very shy, timid girl who seems afraid to trust us.
We believe she will do so much better if she were in a quiet, calm home, with someone who will just let her take her time and gain confidence when she’s ready.
She has obviously lived with another cat before and she may well take strength from another good natured, loving cat who can show her the ropes.
Tina will be starting her vaccinations again very soon, after which, we would very much like her to go into a new home where she can settle and put her sad past firmly behind her.

If you would like to apply to adopt any or our rescues, please call 07471205605 up to 6pm most days. All potential adoptions begin with a telephone call.

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Before you apply for one of our rescues please make sure you read

"Things you should know before applying for a rescue cat"

and our 

"Adoption procedures"

Please note, if you are interested in one of our rescues, applications should be done by telephone, not by email.

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