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21st Feb 2021
Houdini is a beautiful neutered feral boy looking for a safe place to live, he is black & white long haired and being fostered in Sedgley West Mids. We don’t know how old he is but he is mature, so lets say 5yrs.

To cut a long story short both of these photo’s were taken a long time ago, one when he was a stray living in a ladies garden/porch, the other a year or so later in another ladies garden some miles away, not far from our local PDSA
It turns out that whilst at the first address, he was hit by a car, he was taken unconscious to the PDSA but promptly escaped and was never recaptured. I think it’s safe to say that this is the same boy and had it not been for social media we would never have been made aware of his history.
Houdini has now been neutered but despite many weeks of trying to socialise him, he really doesn’t like close human contact. Therefore, we are looking to place him in a rural setting, either a private residence, small holding or farm type setting that has outbuildings.
Because he will need to be kept safe and secure for 2 months before being given access to a more natural life, it’s very important that the outbuilding is escape proof. It will need a natural light source and it will need to be kept frost proof during the worst of the winter weather. Finally there should be no busy roads nearby.
There’s no doubt he will earn his keep by catching rodents but he will require regular meals please, this will help keep him healthy and also keep him close by and not wonder too far.
Please share and help us find Houdini a place to call home. Call 0747 1205 605 (before 6pm please) if you think he might be just what you’re looking for


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