20th Feb 2021

Izzy is a 10 year old, neutered male tabby cat, who is being fostered in Hagley, West Mids. Unfortunately he was left behind when his owner moved house.

He has started his vaccinations again and been given a health check, he seems to be in good health but because the vet couldn’t see very well in his mouth so we will try again in 3 weeks time when he goes back. If he is already in his new home by then we will of course pay for a dental should the vet think he needs one.

He is a lovely fussy lad. often sitting on a lap, but he also enjoys access to the garden, so a safe open space in his new home will be required.
Outwardly, he appears quite a chilled out cat. However, he can get a little anxious and can over groom if he gets a bit stressed. This started with his previous owner when they got a dog, but has got significantly better, it has at times completely stopped. Having someone at home for the most part will also help his stress levels, he will also need to be an only pet.

Initial enquiries are welcome, just call 0747 1205 605 (before 6pm please)


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