26th Nov 2020

Quill is a black & white, short haired, neutered male cat who is being fostered in Tipton, West Mids.
He came into care a couple of weeks ago as an un-neutered stray who was extremely under weight and was found wondering in a park.
We think that Quill is a little over a year old, but he does seem small for his age. He was around a kilo under weight when he arrived and has gained a full ½ kilo in less then 2 weeks,. Although he is still skinny he feels so much better already, his bones no longer feel like they are pushing through his skin, which is awesome.

This little chap is delightful, full of beans and affection, but he is a bit excitable at the moment which can make him a tad unpredictable, he hasn’t lashed out but will try boxing me after he has had a cuddle!

So although this should lessen given time and gentle handling, we definitely won’t be homing him where there are children or vulnerable adults in the home. Like most of our strays, he just needs time and patience until he gets used to living in a home again.

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