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12th August 2021
Roxie is a 10 month old, spayed female puppy who is being fostered in Tipton West Mids. She has very recently travelled all the way from the Middle East so that we can give her the chance to find a wonderful new home and a wonderful new life.
Roxie was rescued as a young pup last February by a lady who found her wondering and alone, a local man was throwing stones at her and she was limping. She was taken to a vet for treatment and to give the charity a bit of breathing space to figure out what to do with her. As there was no offer of a foster home, she was taken to an excellent kennels where she has been cared for ever since.
Soon after she arrived, she threw up a plastic bag, evidence of what she had been eating to try to stay alive. Poor Roxie was terrified and very shy, but she was in the best place as this lovely kennels has worked with her to build her confidence and give her some formal training.
Considering this girls traumatic past and that she has never lived in a home before, she is an extremely well adjusted young lady.
She is submissive but once she gets to know you, she becomes cheeky and bouncy. Like most puppies her age she will jump up when she’s excited. She’s also a “licker” who likes to nibble finger & toes (gently).
Due to the fact that she will jump up and that she will also paw at you if she wants something (which can be a bit ouchy) we are saying she should be homed where there are no young children under the age of around 12yrs. There’s no malice in Roxie at all, she is just a big soft puppy who needs to learn to play a little more gently with hoomans!
Roxie walks beautifully on the lead, she is NOT reactive to other dogs (other than being curious).
She was a bit nervous of traffic but 3 days in and this has almost stopped. When she sees new, big scary things, she will pull back but soon recovers.
She sleeps quietly all night in her crate, she will even lie in it during the day if the mood takes her.
She is pretty much toilet trained and now I understand her routine there have been no accidents in the house.
She doesn’t get on the furniture!
She is NOT a resource guarder, she is not protective of her food, treats or toys around me, my own dogs or the cats.
Roxie likes my own cats and dogs but they’re not too sure about her yet. I think she would do great with another kind dog in the house, so long as they can match her for energy.
She could also be an only dog but there would need to be someone at home for a good portion of the day please.
She knows some basic commands but would probably enjoy the chance to learn more, puppy school would be great for her.
She will be happy with a couple of decent walks each day, but equally she might enjoy more energetic hobbies such as hiking or doggie sports, when she’s a bit older.
Roxie is a seemingly healthy girls who has passed all her veterinary health checks, she is however a bit underweight at the moment, she is currently having 3 meals of puppy food daily to try to build her up a bit. She is a medium height dog (barely knee height ) of athletic build and last weighed in at 15.5kg.
If you would like to see more photos and videos of Roxie please see our Facebook page.


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