10th March2021
Buster is a 10yr old neutered male, Yorkie. He is being fostered in Bradmore near Wolverhampton.
We were asked to take Buster, who was a much loved family pet, because his behaviour around the new baby was causing concern, we were told that he was otherwise typical of his breed. Anyone who has had terriers will know that they can be possessive about things they view as their own, they can also be tenacious and head strong, Buster is all of these things. He is also quite an obedient boy who knows things like sit, stay etc.He walks well on the lead, is great in the car and is also crate trained, in fact he tends to use his crate as his "safe space"
He has started his vaccinations again and has had his very overgrown nails trimmed. His foster mum has trimmed his unruly coat and given him a bath, just to tide him over until we can get him clipped at the groomers.
When Buster first arrived in care, he was understandably upset and his behaviour certainly took a turn for the worst, he was snappy and growling, however because his foster mum understood, she was able to ride the storm with him until he started to trust her and things have definitely improved now. We've found that he can be uncertain of new people, so it's best not to rush introductions.
Buster was a little stiff walking when he first arrived and our vet has given him some medicine which seemed to help him, now that his overgrown nails have been trimmed, we think this will also make him more comfortable. Buster really didn’t like having a manicure so exercise on hard surfaces will keep them worn down, it will also help get his weight down because he is definitely too heavy for a dog of his size.

So, what does Buster need in his new home?

1) there must be no children or vulnerable adults please.
2)his new family must have some previous experience of dogs with guarding behaviour or at least be super confident in this area.
3) he will need regular exercise; a tired body equals a tired mind.
4)he will need regular access to a safe garden in order to keep him clean around the house.
5)he will need a good calorie-controlled diet. A healthier weight will take the stress off his joints and enable him to exercise for longer.
6) he will need a family who are prepared to stick by him and help him overcome his behavioural issues no matter what, nothing would be more damaging to him than to have him bounced around from home to home.
7)Buster could share with another, non-reactive dog, preferably female & preferably bigger in size. He could also live with a dog savvy cat.
8)he will need someone around for the most part, he finds being left alone a little stressful.

If you think you could give this little chap what he needs, please call 0747 1205 605 (before6pm please) for a chat.

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