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13th April 2024
Lionel is an extremely special boy, he is around a year old and is being fostered near Coseley/Tipton, West Midlands.
Last December, he was handed into a local vet by a person who had only had him for a couple of weeks. It was clear there was something subtlety wrong with Lionel but no one really knew what was going on with him.
He came to us shortly afterwards and went into a very experienced foster home for assessment. It was obvious he had difficulty with his sight, he also struggled with simple things like using his litter tray and eating normally.
At the beginning of February this year, Lionel went to see a neurologist and had an MRI scan, the results were staggering and very clear….
It's believed that when Lionel was a developing foetus, he may have had an infection of some kind that destroyed areas of his brain behind his right eye. This space subsequently filled with fluid and is known as right sided hydranencephaly.
It affects the vision in his left eye and it affects the way he interprets the world. It was felt that he was incapable of learning life’s basic skills, but how wrong we were….
Lionel has recently mastered using his litter tray, he also now eats really well without any help. But most of all his condition has gifted him the most wonderful, gentle and innocent nature. He loves the company of other gentle cats and is the most affectionate, cuddly boy in the world!
There is a small chance that he may develop seizures in the future, but medication can help IF that happens.
Lionel is the most beautiful soul and we know there is a special home out there waiting for him. We will of course continue to pay his vets bills related to his condition for the remainder of his life.
Lionel’s new home will be one where he can be kept safe from the outside world, where he can be watched over for a good portion of the day and one where his new family will love him unconditionally .
If you would like to know more about this wonderfully unique little man please call the charity on 07471205605 for a chat



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