1st Dec 2020
Raggs is a black & white, neutered cat who is being fostered in Tipton, West Mids.
Raggs joined us about a month ago when the plot of land she had been living on for the past 5 years, was sold for development. Although I haven’t been able to check “underneath” to see if Raggs is a boy or girl, I do know that she is neutered and my best guess is that Raggs is a girl, so until I know different I will refer to Raggs in the female tense.
She arrived in a trap because she was too nervous around people to be picked up, but once out of the trap she calmed down nicely and has been calm since. She was reasonably friendly with the people who have been feeding her for the past few years, and I have definitely been able to build some trust over the past few weeks. In fact she will take treats from my hand now and will come up to my hand for a sniff without any signs of aggression.
As you can see from the photos, she has one ear missing which is probably due to trauma. The other ear is clipped which would have been done by a vet at the time of neutering to say that she has been “done” Hopefully this will not put people off applying for her.
Ordinarily, as Raggs has been living a feral life we would look for a farm or small holding to take her, but she has been used to heated shelter during cold weather, she is also at least 6 years old already, so we feel that she may not be as hardy as some wild cats might be. Add to this the fact that she is such a calm girl who may possibly let me stroke her in the coming days and weeks, so my hope is that we might be able to find her one of those rare, special homes that come along from time to time. She needs a home that is quiet, with a family who will just let her be until she decides what she wants from life.
If you would like to have a chat about possibly adopting Raggs please call 0747 1205 605 (before 6pm please)


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