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8th April 2022
Nur is a young, black & white, neutered male cat being fostered in Bradmore, Wolverhampton. He is just 10 months old.
His name is pronounced Noor and it means light. Ironically he is almost completely blind.
Nur was born in the Middle East and made the long journey to be with us just a couple of weeks ago, in the hopes we can find him an amazing home.
Nur is an exceptionally cuddly little boy who loves to follow his foster mum around like a little shadow. He loves to play with his toys and he loves his food, which is fortunate because Nur had some catching up to do. He also has attitude!!
Whilst he prefers the company of humans he is fine with other sweet natured cats or dogs. Any children in the home should be school age or above and of course he has to be kept as an indoor pet, although access to a catio would be very stimulating for him.
It takes Nur a little while to plot the layout of a room in his minds eye, so it’s important that he starts off just one room at a time in his new home and that the furniture doesn’t get moved too often. Other than that he is not that much different to a cat with sight.

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