20th June 2021
Echo is a very pretty, black & white, spayed (we believe) female cat being fostered in Tipton, West Mids. Our vets estimate her to be around 3 years old.
Echo came into care early this year as she was one of several cats living as strays in a lady’s garden.
Finally, after being with me for the best part of 4months, Echo has decided that she likes being fussed!!!!!!!
She will tilt her head into my hand and let me tickle behind her ears and down her neck now, she even allowes me to run a slicker brush down her back now.�
She is still nervous, after all it is early days, but this young girl has never once lashed out or tried to nip, she's such a good girl.
She does however, need to be in a home, so if you think you might have room for just one more, please call.
All adoptions begin with a telephone conversation, please call 0747 1205 605 (before 6pm)

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