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17th Oct 2022
Tatty is a sweet natured, black and white, spayed female cat, being fostered near Tipton, Wet Mids, We think she may possibly be around 10yrs old.

Tatty has been with us for well over a year now and we have done all we can for her, it's been a real rollercoaster ride, but we think she is finally well enough to find a home of her own.
When she arrived, she had probably the worst diarrhea any of us have ever seen and her poor little body was ravaged by dehydration and malnutrition. Extensive tests eventually showed that she had multiple, very unusual infections and she had several rounds of treatment, some of it very harsh on her body.
The long term effects of these infections means that her insides are probably never going to be completely 100% healed, but for the most part she copes really well. 
She has been put on several different types of specialist diets but a couple of months ago we started her on the katkins diet, which has had rave reviews from owners, whose cats had similar digestive problems. 
So far she is doing really well on it and the smell from her stools is (as promised) greatly reduced. We are hoping that this diet will, over time, heal her from the inside out, so any new owner should commit to continuing her new diet please.
On a practical level, Tatty uses her tray 99% of the time and her poops range from solid to loose. She keeps herself clean but occasionally she does need a wipe down if her tail gets poop on it, not a job for the tickle stomached! We don't know how old Tatty is but we think she may possibly be around 10yrs old, or she may be much younger but has aged more because of her previous ill health.
Tatty loves people, she wants to be with you all the time. She's loving and sweet natured with the most beautiful purr. We think she may do better as an only cat but nothing is completely off the table at this stage. We will of course continue to offer verterinary support for her.
If you would like to apply to adopt Tatty or any of our rescues, please call 07471205605 up to 6pm most days. 
Please remember that all potential adoptions begin with a telephone call 


Before you apply for one of our rescues please make sure you read

"Things you should know before applying for a rescue cat"

and our 

"Adoption procedures"

Please note, if you are interested in one of our rescues, applications should be done by telephone, not by email.

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