6th Nov 2021

Brenda is an all black, spayed female cat being fostered in Tipton, West Mids, we believe she was born around September 2020, making her just a little over 1 yr old at the time of writing this.

Brenda came into care right at the beginning of this year, along with her brother, as an unsocialised kitten. It has taken some time but Brenda can now be a real fusspot at times, especially when dinner is being served! She can also be very nervous of new people and/or situations, so she will need a home where she will be given plenty of time to settle in with the family.
Happily her brother, Billy, found a home some months ago and since then Brenda has teamed up with another of our rescues, the shy but sweet Echo. They spend all their time together and would make a great pair of kitties for someone looking to adopt 2 cats at the same time.

If you are interested in this long legged beauty, please call 0747 1205 605 (up to 6pm please)


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