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12th Nov 2023
Bobby is a sweet, Black & White, short haired, male kitten, being fostered near Tipton West Midlands. He is aprox. 3 months old.
Bobby was handed in to a local vet by a member of the public, as you can see he has a nasty wound on his head, but it is healing nicely and we don’t anticipate any long term effects.
At the time of writing this, Bobby is still a very small chap and we will not be homing him where there are very young children. He could however, live with other good natured pets.
If you would like to adopt a lovely natured, well balanced, beautiful kitten, then Bobby might just be the baby you are looking for.


Before you apply for one of our rescues please make sure you read

"Things you should know before applying for a rescue cat"

and our 

"Adoption procedures"

Please note, if you are interested in one of our rescues, applications should be done by telephone, not by email.

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