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6th Jan 2024
Toby is a stunning neutered female, tabby kitten being fostered in Redditch, West Mids.
She and her siblings were born outside last September and were meant to be returned to the garden they lived in, after they were neutered (hence the missing ear tip). However, they were not totally feral so we decided to give them the chance of finding good homes.
Happily they are doing really well in foster and are now ready to go into homes of their own. 
Tasha does of course need a calm understanding home that will continue to build her confidence and give her as much time as she needs to find her feet.
She could be an only cat but would also benefit from the influence of another gentle resident kitty. Any children in the home should be older, as we think young children might be too stressful for her. 
If she is to be allowed access to the outdoors, please be aware that she will also need to be kept totally indoor for several months until she has built a strong relationship with her new family.


Before you apply for one of our rescues please make sure you read

"Things you should know before applying for a rescue cat"

and our 

"Adoption procedures"

Please note, if you are interested in one of our rescues, applications should be done by telephone, not by email.

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