5th Feb 2022

Russ is a dear 14yr old, neutered Jack Russell Terrier who is being fostered in Tipton West Mids. He came to us 5 months ago as a temporary measure whilst his elderly owner got the care she needed and it was always the intention that Russ would go home once she was well enough. Unfortunately this is no longer possible and it has fallen on us to find the most perfect home for this old timer.
For the most part he is really easy to care for, he likes a nice daily walk but is then happy to snooze the day away in a cosy, comfy bed. He won’t be crated, but that’s fine, he sleeps quietly all night and has never once woken us up. He loves his food and eats well.
When he first arrived I was told that he would bark at my cats and indeed he did. However, after 5 months, he’s so over it, they don’t bother him and he doesn’t bother them.
Typical of his breed, he can be a bit snappy at times, although really it’s more of a pinch. But for this reason we are saying that he should be homed where there are no children or frail adults. He needs someone who understands the breed and who won’t take offence.
Other dogs don’t bother him particularly, but if they become too excitable around him, for example at snack time, he has nipped. For this reason I would say that he can either be homed as an only dog or perhaps with a good natured spayed female of a similar size.
As far as we are aware, Russ is in good health but now that we know he needs a new home, we will get his vet to check him over so there are no surprises and if he needs a dental, we will get that done for him before he goes.
In the past he has had a couple of bouts of pancreatitis, however now that his diet is monitored carefully, there have been no issues.
Russ still has a lot to offer a new owner and with a bit of luck he still has plenty of time ahead of him, if you think you may have the perfect hearth for him to sleep on, give us a call on 0747 1205 605 up to 6pm most days


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