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14th Oct 2022

Cocoa is a 12yr old, neutered male Pomeranian, who is being fostered in Tipton, West Mids.
He came to us just over a week ago, under extremely sad circumstances.

Cocoa has already started his vaccinations and also had a big dental just a couple of days ago. He’s a tough little chap who seems to have taken it all in his stride, he’s eating and running around as though he’d had nothing done at all! 
Cocoa has no known underlying health issues, he seems to be able to hear and see quite well and is beautifully mobile.
In his previous home he lived harmoniously with 2 other small dogs plus 3 cats. Here in foster he has been fine with my 2 spaniels and although he doesn’t snuggle with them he will sleep quite closely to them. He has however, been a bit naughty with my cats, barking and chasing them when they run away. Having said that, a week later and all his bravado has pretty much stopped.

If cocoa were to go into a new home where there are cats, please be aware that he will most likely misbehave around them at least to begin with.
Again in his previous home there was no mention of separation anxiety, however, he has shown classic signs since coming into care. He would not settle downstairs at night, but he has slept beautifully in a soft canvas crate next to my bed.
Leaving him is still a work in progress, if he can see me but can’t get to me, he will bark but does respond to the occasional firm “no”. Oddly, when I go out the house for short periods, he seems quite settled when I get back. 
Cocoa has never really been walked, but he has really taken to a nice daily outing, we are building up the time and he can already walk comfortably for over half an hour.
Cocoa is not a greedy boy, he doesn’t guard food or treats and he’s not interested in toys. He’s super friendly with everyone he meets and really happy to be handled.
He was golden when he had a bath, he let me dry him with a hair dryer and groom him thoroughly, his coat is extremely soft and sumptuous now that it’s had a little tlc.
We are looking for a home for Cocoa which will suit his age and size (5.2kg) so no small children please or big dogs who could squish him. He would suit a home where there is someone around most of the time, with owners who perhaps have some experience of a little dog who is prone to separation anxiety.

It’s important he continues his daily walk because it’s extremely beneficial for both is physical and mental health.
Obviously Cocoa is an older boy, so new owners should be prepared for potential vets bills going forward. Adoption will be by donation rather than a full adoption fee.


Before you apply for one of our rescues please make sure you read
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"Adoption procedures"
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