27th May 2021
Bear Update
Bear has been with us for a while now and his stay has been quite eventful.
Firstly he had to have abdominal surgery to remove a plastic toy he had eaten, it had been in there for several weeks and wasn’t coming out of it’s own accord.
One month on and he is healing beautifully but he does still need to be kept quiet for a few more weeks, as per vets instructions.
Unfortunately two potential adoptions have fallen through for him, although Bear has done nothing wrong, it was just bad luck.
We are really hoping it will be 3rd time lucky for this wonderful dog and if you are interested in adopting him, please be sure to read his advert below, you can also follow his progress on our Facebook page.
Please remember he is  not a dog for beginners, he can be reactive to a few different things such as traffic. Whilst he enjoys the company of other dogs, he does have some sight hound in his genes so we need to be mindful of other small pets in the house.
He is a dog full of character and energy, he is still very young with a life time of fun and learning in front of him and would really benefit from further training and/or doggie sports to keep him stimulated and engaged.

Please call 0747 1205 605 (before 6pm most days) all potential adoptions begin with a telephone call.


29th March 2021

Bear is a beautiful black “wadi” dog who has recently joined us all the way from the middle east, in the hopes that we can find him his perfect home. He is an athletic built boy with Saluki heritage, albeit diluted over the generations, we estimate him to be around 20kg and of medium height. He has been neutered and is of course fully vaccinated and health checked.

Bear was born in December 2019 which makes him a little over 1 years old and has already had an eventful life.

He was born to a stray mother, one of 6 puppies who were rescued when they were 6 weeks old, just in the nick of time, sadly their mother wasn’t so lucky.

The other puppies found permanent new homes but Bear ended up in a foster home, where he formed a close bond with his foster mum, but it was only ever going to be a temporary arrangement.

He has had some formal training and has some nice manners, but like many young dogs his age, he can also be rambunctious, strong willed and stubborn. We think he would benefit from further training to keep him stimulated and occupied and he will also need a good amount of exercise.

Bear enjoys being around other cats & dogs but can be a little dominant around them, he can also be reactive to some cars or bikes and finally he can be a bit mouthy when he thinks he’s being ignored, all these things are very fixable and for this reason we are looking for an experienced owner who knows how to be a good “pack leader”.

So to summarise

Bear needs plenty of simulation and exercise, he would be great for a family or person who loves the great outdoors.

He needs a home where someone is home for a good portion of the day.

He would benefit from further training and/or doggie sports

He could share with another dog who matches him for size and energy levels, but probably not cats or smaller dogs.

He could live with a family who has older children

Bear loves his toys and will need a plentiful supply please!

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