11th Jan 2022
Suki is a beautiful mixed breed, spayed female dog who has joined us from the Middle East. She was born 7th Nov 2017 and is fully vaccinated and health checked (she also has a pet passport). She is currently in foster in Bradmore, Nr Wolverhampton
Since arriving, she has proven herself to be very nearly perfect, especially when we are told she has never lived in a home before. She is well behaved around the house, with no accidents, she also seems ok to be left for short periods.

She is quite food orientated which makes training much easier and whilst Suki isn't food aggressive, like many dogs, she can be a bit defensive of high value treats, so common sense will need to be applied if there's another dog in the house.
Suki loves to play and run BUT she has a high prey drive (so no small furries in the home/garden please) meaning she can only be exercised off leash in a secure enclosure. Under no circumstances can she be allowed to free run on regular walks. Suki will also need a fully enclosed garden with minimum 6ft boundaries because for a smallish sized dog, she can jump quite high. She does walk well on the lead, but like all of the Wadi dogs we have brought over so far she is currently nervous around traffic.
Suki totally loves people, attention and being groomed and will actively seek out people she likes the look of. When she wants more fuss or attention she will paw at you, so for this reason alone we are saying any children in the home should be a little older, perhaps 8+ depending on the child.
Whilst in many ways she is quite a confident girl she can be submissive/nervous if she thinks she's being told off.
If you would like to apply for Suki or any of our rescues, please call 0747 1205 605 up to 6pm most days (except holidays) Please remember that all potential adoptions begin with a telephone call.
If you would like to see more about our wonderful Suki, please see our Facebook page, this was her first post dated 7th Dec


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