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Feral cats need homes too......
We often have beautiful unsocialised cats looking for special, safe places to live.
If you think you may be interested in helping a feral cat please see our dedicated page
It has plenty of useful information and may help you decide if your situation is right for one of our cats.
Join us on facebook and read our daily posts, we'll try to keep you up to date about all our rescues, our exploits and antics.
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Midlands Animal Rescue - MART
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I feel as though I'm always begging for help. The truth is that in the past no one ever came forward except the loyal, tried & trusted few; and that is so sad because we are a happy little band who would love to welcome new people to our team.
We really really really really need a reliable van driver. We have a Transit van which is used for a couple of hours on Wednesdays & the occasional Friday. Some loading & unloading is required so volunteer drivers need to be reasonably fit. The van & our shop are situated in Castlecroft, Wolverhampton, if you could help, please please call Sue on 01902 673587. Thank you xx

Midlands Animal Rescue Team

Affectionately known as MART. We are a small localised charity that began in the early 1960’s in the small Shropshire village of Albrighton. Official charitable status was granted 10 years later.

We cover as much of the West Midlands as our limitations allow.
We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals whose well-being could be in danger.
All animals in our care receive whatever veterinary treatment they require before being re-homed.
All our animals are neutered once old enough and we actively promote the benefits of neutering all pets to the general public.

We do not have a rescue centre but rely on a small band of dedicated volunteers who operate mainly from their own homes. The biggest benefit of this is that we keep our running costs down, which means that our hard earned funds can be spent directly where it is needed; on the animals in our care.

Having said all of the above, nothing would give us greater pleasure or allow us to do the greatest good than being able to open our own rescue centre.
To do this we would need a large semi-rural plot of land with accommodation plus an obscene amount of money with which to run it!
Well other charities seem to have amazing things gifted to them, until it happens to us we will keep dreaming!!

In the meantime, MART is hoping to expand the work we do & are always looking to recruit more cat & dog fosterers. If you would like to offer help, please read our “join our team” pages or "foster for MART" for ideas

Welcome to our web site, we hope that you find it interesting & informative.

We are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, each cat or dog adopted from Midlands Animal Rescue Team comes with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance – whatever their age!

The Best Time To Neuter A Cat Is Yesterday

Never Let A Cat Outside Until It Has Been Neutered


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