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13th Oct 2015

Tulip is a beautiful, 2 year old tabby & white female cat, being fostered in Tipton, West Midlands. She came into care a few weeks ago with her 6 very young kittens, from a junk yard; they were covered in a layer of oil & dirt which would not wash off.

Poor Tulip was not well, possibly because of all the oil she was ingesting & she would not eat or nurse her babies for the first few days. Thankfully after a while she picked up & began to eat again & care for her kittens.
Sadly Tulip has not been well socialized with people & is very afraid around us. She is not a nasty cat at all & despite hissing a little she has never lashed out or tried to hurt us. She improves all the time & is happy for me to handle her babies, in fact
when they were very tiny & still nursing, Tulip would let me massage her feet & stroke her a little. But now she prefers to keep her distance, although at meal times she will approach & stand right by me.

Tulip is not completely feral & has the makings of being a lovely little cat for someone. She needs a home where she will be allowed to come on at her own pace & may benefit from living with a sweet natured resident cat (or dog). But no children please. Some cat owning experience in essential.
She will be spayed in the next couple of weeks & will be ready to go shortly afterwards.



7th Nov 2015
Tulip makes me want to cry! She could be such a lovely little pet, but she is so afraid. She is afraid to trust me, she is afraid of letting her guard down when I am with her, she is afraid to need me.

And yet she will let me handle her babies without question, she will come to my hand when offered,(just so long as I don’t try to touch her). At meals times she will put her front feet on my leg to encourage me to “hurry up!” There is never any aggression.
So I know she could, given time & patience, learn to trust someone enough to not be afraid, but who will want her? There are so many wonderful cats out there looking for homes, that I know she doesn’t stand a chance. And that makes me want to cry!


16th April 2016
Words cannot begin to describe the change in this lovely little girl, so I have made a new video, which says it all. Please watch & enjoy .