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10th Jan 2020
Merlin is an all black, short-haired, neutered male cat who is being fostered in Tipton, West Mids. We don’t know how old he is but estimate him to be a mature boy, between 8 & 12 years old.
Poor Merlin came into care unexpectedly, he was supposed to be a simple trap, neuter and release but as soon as he was caught it was obvious that he needed medical help. Merlin had a chest infection and ended up spending a week at our vets until we were able to find a temporary space for him, during his time at the vets it was also discovered that he was FIV positive.
He came back here to Tipton after living quite a long life as an entire stray so it’s no surprise he tested positive, we also know that he was hit by cars on at least two occasions leaving him with broken, misshaped teeth and a permanent wheezy, whistle when he breaths through his nose.
More recently we noticed that Merlin’s feet looked swollen so he was taken to see our vet immediately. During his examination Merlin purred and flopped onto his side whilst he was prodded and poked, prompting the vet to comment on what an exceptionally good natured cat he is.
Our vets tell us that his blood test results are on the whole quite good, kidney levels are within normal range etc. They believe he has a rare condition known as plasma cell pod dermatitis , here’s a link for those who are interested.…/feline-plasma-cell-podode…

The treatment is long-term anti-biotics, but it is hoped that the condition might right itself in due course.
The cause is not truly known but it seems to be associated with FIV positive cats in particular.
My fear for Merlin is not that we will loose him but that we will loose him before he has the chance of living in his own home, that he will never know what it is like to be someone’s “one and only”
We now know that FIV is not the contagious disease that we once thought, so if any one out there is put off by Merlins diagnoses then I would ask you to do a bit of reading about the condition or call us for a chat on 0121 520 5119, of course it goes without saying that we would continue to pay for his medical costs