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19th June 2020
This is Buzz, he is a cream and white, 10 years old, neutered male cat being fostered in Tipton, West Mids and he has quite a story to tell.
Buzz was given to an elderly man when he was just a kitten and probably because his owner knew no better, Buzz never saw a vet in all those 10 years.
We were contacted at the beginning of lockdown by a lady who had been feeding Buzz for the previous 12 weeks; his elderly owner had gone into a care home and would not be allowed home for the foreseeable future. The lady was not coping as the house was in a terrible state and Buzz had spent 12 weeks hiding under the bed
Buzz was neutered first and came into care a week later, he was obviously distressed and confused, little did we know at this stage it would take 2 months before we could get anywhere near him, he was so very afraid and aggressive.
His eye was of concern to us but there was no way he could be treated or even have a vet examine him without having another anaesthetic.
After 2 months , Buzz decided he liked living the good life, he enjoyed having yummy food, clean litter, being toasty warm, having freshly washed bedding and someone to take care of him. His hormones settled and his trust grew, until one day he came out to great us and rolled on the floor like a kitten.
Very soon after that he started having eye drops in his badly scarred and slightly infected right eye, which helped him feel more comfortable. This week we have been told that Buzz’s elderly owner will not be going back home after all and we have been asked to find Buzz a new home,
BUT before you apply for him you should know that even now, very occasionally, Buzz will wake up wearing his grumpy trousers, and when he’s feeling grumpy, he can be a bit scary! For the most part he is lovely but it’s taken a long time to gain his trust and a house move will set him back again, so he needs a home where he can be given time and space to find his feet. His new home should be adult only, he is not suitable to go with a frail person in case he lashes out.
We will have our vet take a look at him soon and he can have his vaccinations too, but he seems pretty healthy for a cat that has never been cared for properly before. Poor lad.