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1st Nov 2019
Gatsby is a rather dashing, black & white, short haired, neutered male cat being fostered in Tipton, West Mids. We are told that he is coming up to 1 year of age.

Gatsby used to live totally indoors along with several other cats, until one day his owner put him outside (un-neutered) locked up the house and left it with his pals shut inside, she never came back. The neighbours fed the cats through the letter box until the RSPCA were able to take them, but once again Gatsby was left behind.
This poor lad doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body, but he is so afraid. When he first arrived he would shake like a leaf if you so much as looked at him, but this has improved to the point that he will actually come out of hiding and wait for his food to be served. Touching him is possible and he would never lash out but he desperately tries to get away.
My feeling is that he would do much better if he went back into a home environment instead of being in a cattery one. Everything here is so alien to him, this on top of being thrown outdoors has really shaken his confidence.
Do you have a calm home to offer him? He will ask nothing of you but for your patience and love.
Applications for the pets in our care should be done by telephone in the first instance please, not by e mail.
All potential homes will be checked & so that MART can continue its work we do look for a suggested minimum donation of around £60/cat/kitten.
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