7th Nov 2021

Lo-han is a an all black, special needs, female kitten, being fostered in Tipton, West Mids
We estimate that she’s around 6 months old but it’s difficult to tell due to the starvation she has endured prior to coming into rescue.
Lo-han was found in a terrible condition just 3 weeks ago, she weighed around half what she should have and she had a large facial abscess, fleas, worms and obvious eye problems.
What we didn’t realise immediately was that poor Lo-han has very limited eye sight and although we know she can hear, she doesn’t seem to rotate her ears to locate sound the way most cats do.
Her “good” eye seems fine on examination but the other eye will need daily lubricating drops to help it stay comfortable. From what we have seen it is possible that her eyes are functioning but the signals are not being read properly by the brain. In any event Lo-han is a very “special” baby in every sense of the word.
She has now gained over a kilo in weight and is looking great, she has started her vaccinations and will be spayed shortly, once this has been done she will be ready to go to her forever home.
Obviously she will need an indoor home, though access to a catio or completely escape proof garden would be hugely beneficial to her mental stimulation.
This baby has the most wonderful personality, she has completely melted the hearts of the staff at our local vets and is very free with her little nose bumps. Her purr is the gentle kind that lulls you to sleep when she snuggles with you…….do you have space for this darling baby?

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