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12th July 2020

Fiona is a pretty little black & white, short haired, spayed female cat, being fostered near Wolverhampton, West Mids.
She is a little rescue that came into care a few months ago with a belly full of babies. Shortly afterwards she became mother to 6 kittens and was a wonderful mum, despite being little more than a kitten herself. In fact you could say she was too good because she was rather protective of her brood, which made us concerned she might not make a good pet.

However, once her babies all left and went on to their new homes, she began to settle and became much calmer with us. She has now been spayed and this has helped even more, now that she is no longer a slave to her hormones. Fiona is still only around 1 year old and really deserves a wonderful home just like her kittens now have.

If you would love to have a small Fiona shaped person join your family please call  01902 730899

Applications for the pets in our care should be done by telephone in the first instance please, not by e mail.