15th Jan 2017

Scooby is a stunning black & white lurcher/greyhound cross, he is 6 months old & vaccinated  but not yet

neutered, however this is something we are happy to organise in due course.
Although Scooby is not officially in our care, his adoption is being over-seen by one of our experienced foster carers.
Sadly his owner is being evicted on 7th. February & we are keen to try to find him a new home before this happens.

Scooby lives with a cat & is said to be fine around her, obviously if his new home has cats, care will need to be taken in the early days & weeks in case they run from him & stimulate his breeds urge to chase.
We strongly advise any new owner of a dog or puppy to enrol them in dog/puppy training classes & Scooby would really benefit from learning a few rules boundaries & limitations. He will also need to be walked daily in his new home so that he uses up his excess energy.

We know that he is a really good natured puppy who just needs a bit of stability in his life, if you think you can give him what he needs then please do get in touch.