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27th June 2018
Birdie is a very beautiful white & black, short haired, spayed female cat being fostered in Sedgley, West Mids. We estimate her to be around 6 years old but can’t be sure.
We think Birdie is a cat that has been known to us for a number of years. We (& other rescue’s) have tried to catch her on many occasions but with no luck. She has produced many litters of kittens over the years & we have been responsible for rearing & rehoming at least 4 of her litters, including a litter of 7 that I hand reared. We also think that the wonderful Orson who is also with us looking for a home, might be her brother.
We are told that both Birdie & Orson were owned when they were young but their owner abandoned her property & left the cats to fend for themselves, un-neutered of course.
Fast forward a few years & Birdie was collected from a property where she had set up camp in an out building along with her brother who kept he warm in the terribly cold weather. She was heavily pregnant when we collected her and she had her babies this time in a safe, loving home. Happily all her babies have now found homes of their own, so it is now Birdie’s turn to have a happy ending.
Unlike her brother Birdie is very suspicious of people & she always shies way from them, she is what we would call semi-feral. We do think however that she has so much potential & we are reluctant to send her back from were she came from.
Anyone interested in Birdie should be prepared to simply let her be, for as long as it takes for her to learn to trust people; or they should have stables or outbuildings that they can make her comfortable in & give her a natural outdoor life. Either way she needs someone to simply look out for her, feed her regularly & offer her a kind word or two on a daily basis.
If you think you could offer Birdie the life she has truly earned then we would love to hear from you.
Applications for the pets in our care should be done by telephone in the first instance please, not by e mail.