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19th Oct 2019

Cinders is a poor little black & white, spayed female cat being fostered in Tipton, West Mids. We believe she may be around 3 years old despite the fact that she is no bigger than a 6 month old kitten.

This poor girl was a stray and has had multiple litters of kittens, she no doubt became pregnant for the first time when she was just a few months old, this would explain why her growth became stunted, her body would have put all it’s resources into growing babies and none into her own growth.

She came into care just a couple of weeks ago with her 3 daughters who were around 4 weeks old at the time, despite being a good mum she really wants to be on her own and gets very short tempered with them, sadly we have no room to separate her just yet so we have decided to try to find a home for her sooner rather than later.
She has just been spayed and has also had several broken teeth removed, including some of her large canines, this has left her with a bit of a crooked smile which only adds to her charm.

Cinders needs to be an only cat for now, she has spent her life trying to keep body and soul together, she has survived mistreatment from humans, starvation and mal-nourishment, hot sun and frozen snow, she is painfully thin and has a hazy eye from a previous injury. She tries so hard to trust us and really enjoys being fussed, but she does have a short fuse and will nip or swipe to say she’s had enough, to be honest it is half hearted but for this reason we can’t home her with young children or anyone who is going to be nervous around her.
Is there anyone out there who can give Cinders her happy ever after?