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20th August 2019

Ronnie is an all black, semi-long haired, neutered male cat being fostered in Penkridge, Nr Wolverhampton. We have estimated he was born in the spring of 2017 and has been in care with us for around a year.
He came in with several other cats (all seemingly related), after we were contacted by people who were feeding them in their workplace. None of the cats that came in were truly feral but they were extremely unsure of humans and it has been a long labour of love for his foster dad to get him to the point where he feels Ronnie could go into a home of his own.

Ronnie made the most progress when he was allowed to live with other well socialized and people friendly cats, although he is still nervous around people at times, he has started to trust enough that he now come for fuss and treats. He likes to be up high and watch from the safety of a high activity centre, so if there was one in his new home it may help him settle more quickly. Because he has a long coat he does need to be groomed and although he’s not very keen, he is getting better all the time.
Ronnie needs a home preferably on his own or with a very relaxed, gentle cat already in residence, BUT he must have an owner who will carry on his socialization and not let him slip back into a nervous, reclusive cat. We believe he will blossom in the right surroundings, so if you have a quiet home to offer, with some experience of cats in all their forms, then please get in touch.

Applications for the pets in our care should be done by telephone in the first instance please, not by e mail.