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20th March 2020

Max is a black and white, neutered male cat, being fostered near Wolverhampton. We are told he is 10 years old . (Sorry about the photo!)

Unbelievably, he was taken into a local vets to be put to sleep as his owners were going on holiday. He was in a terribly bad state, he had not been neutered, and when he had a blood test, he was found to be suffering kidney disease. He also has a problem with his eye resulting from an untreated ulcer, but we are not able to put him through another anaesthetic to remove his eye because he is just too frail.

We have him on renal food which seems to be helping him. We know that Max is not every ones idea of a new family member but he needs a home just as much as any other cat in care, to help ensure we find him his forever home we here at MART will pay for any future vet bills and will even help with the cost of his renal food if money is an issue.

Max is a shy lad but he’s very friendly once he knows you, all he wants is a warm safe place to call his own for as long as he has left.

Applications for the pets in our care should be done by telephone in the first instance please, not by e mail.